Arenal Volcano National Park

Size: 12,060 hectares.


The most characteristic feature of this park is the impressive and majestic Arenal Volcano, a nearly perfect active cone 1633 meters high, whose regular eruptions offer one of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring natural wonders in Costa Rica.
The four main types of vegetation in the park are the perennial wet and very humid forests that cover about 47% of the land. There is also cloud forest and riverine forests that have several endemic species such as the brunelia costaricensis and the epiphytic pineapple.
Include thirty-five species of fish, 135 species of reptiles, turtles, snakes and lizards, and 131 known species of mammals can be found here. An astonishing 53% of the species that make up the national bird populations are also found here making this park and the surrounding area a paradise for bird watchers.