Rincón de la Vieja National Park

Size: 14,084 hectares.
Dry season: January through March.
Distance from San José: 264 kilometers.
Trails: Yes.


Rincon de la Vieja is a strato volcano, 1916 meters above the sea level rises and spreads over 400 square kilometers. It was formed by the simultaneous explosion of melted several volcanic cones, and that grew into a single mountain. It was possible to identify nine sites of volcanic activity at the summit. It is active and the others are slowly eroded.
Hot springs form small streams with very hot water. Solfataric lakes (sulfur dioxide) to fill small cavities with continuously bubbling muddy water. There are also steam holes, which are especially active during the rainy season.
Studies conducted have identified 257 species of birds in the park, including the three-wattled bell bird and the emerald toucan.
There is also a small quantity of mammals that live in the park, like wild pigs, deer, tapirs, sloths and pumas.
Rincon de la Vieja is established northeast of Liberia, Guanacaste. The park is usually achieved through a 21 km long gravel road that is best traveled on a four-wheel vehicle.