Tapantí National Park

Size: 58,323 hectares.
Distance from San José: 35 kilometers.
Dry season: January through March.
Camping: Permitted.
Trails: Yes.


Tapantí National Park, sometimes known as Orosí National Park is a national park in the Pacific La Amistad Conservation Area of Costa Rica, on the edge of the Talamanca range, near Cartago, only 90 minutes by car from San José. It Portect woods north of Chirripo National Park, and includes a part of Orosí River.
This park has two life zones of the lower montane rain forest and rain forest premontane. These forests are home to over 45 different species of mammals, including tapirs, kinkajous, raccoons, monkeys and deer.
With 260 species of birds, the most common are the Quetzal, hawks, falcons, parrots and hummingbirds. In addition, 28 species of reptiles have been identified, including snakes, toads, frogs and salamanders.