Golfito National Wildlife Refuge

Size: 2,810 hectares.
Dry season: January to March.
Distance from San José: 342 kilometers.
Camping: Permitted.
Trails: Yes.


The Golfito Refuge is located in a rugged wilderness with very heavy rainfall. The site was a series of hard basalt that formed 50-65 million years old.
The forest is thick in the refuge, very evergreen. A fairly common palm tree that grows here is the black palm. There is also a botanical raruty found here, the quira (Carydaphnopsis burgeri), a tree that belongs to the Lauraceae family, a very primitive plants.
This refuge have many resident mammals, the collared peccary is a very social animal that lives in herds. The agouti is a rodent of the same family as the paca and its useful disseminating seeds of plants. There are also coatis, rats, raccoons and some reptiles such as frogs and snakes.