Isla Bolaños National Wildlife Refuge

Size: 25 hectares.
Dry season: January through March.
Distance from San José: 281 kilometers.
Trails: Around the Island.


Bolaños Island is an oval rocky hill, 81 meters high, that lies 1.5 kilometers from Punta Descartes in the northwestern region of the country. Its rugged terrain consists of numerous layers of sedimentary rock that are about 40 million years old.
The sparse vegetation consists of stunted forest, which is to penetrate very thick and heavy. It grows six feet high on rock shelves with very little organic material. The forest, which completely loses its leaves during the dry season, consists mainly of paira and some medium-sized trees, as fraginipani and lance wood.
Bolaños Island is particularly important for the conservation of seabirds. It protects one of the few known nesting brown pelican colonies in the country and also discovered it is the only nesting place, date for the magnificent frigate bird.
There is a white sand beach on the eastern tip of the island with mountains of mussels and clams. At low tide its possible to walk around the island and gives visitors the opportunity to participate in several types of crab who live and breed here, especially the large-scale land crab.