Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve

Size: 1,172 hectares in-land and 1,700 hec. in the ocean.
Distance from San José: 300 kilometers.
Dry Season: November through April.
Trails: Yes.


Cabo Blanco Biological Reserve, established in 1963, is the only government-protected area before the founding of the Park Service created in 1970, has survived to this day.
The nature reserve is the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and protects the largest area is an extremely important example of mixed deciduous and evergreen moist tropical forest in the area.
The site is home to many rare and endangered species, including curassows, crested guan, deer and jaguarundi, often together with some species such as howler monkeys, raccoons and kinkajous. There are some excellent tide pools along the coast and Isla Cabo Blanco is a very important seabird breeding area.