Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve

Size: 9.154 hectares.
Distance from San José: 219 kilometers.
Trails: Yes.
Dry season: None.


Hitoy-Cerere derives its name from two words in a local indigenous language means Hitoy “woolly”, in relation to the green blanket that covers everything and cerere means “water” because of the abundance of rivers and streams.
This park hasn’t been studied in depth and its not often visited, because of its precipitous terrain and wet climate but these two factors have produced a biological diversity that may prove to be one of the richest in Costa Rica.
This park has not been studied in detail and its not often visited because of its steep terrain and wet climate, but these two factors have a biological diversity, which may be in Costa Rica as one of the most prosperous.
The temperature is constantly warm, with daytime temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius and rain is possible at any time of year.
The reserve is surrounded on three sides by the indigenous peoples of the reserves: Telire in the west, Talamanca to the south and Tayni in the north. In the east and the lowlands are the massive banana plantations of the Estrella Valley and it is through this area that the reserve is accessible.