Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve

Size: 2.279 hectares.
Distance from San José: 219 kilometers.
Dry season: January through March
Trails: Yes.


“The insects Park”. This reserve is on the southwestern part of Bagaces, north of Liberia in the Guanacaste province.
Lomas Barbudal is often referred as the “insect Park”, found due to the immense variety of insects, 240 species of bees here have been incorporated, along with 60 species of moths.
The reserve protects interesting examples of dry tropical forest, with patches of evergreen and riverine forests. Several species of endangered trees can also be found here, like mahogany and redwood, and the Panama redwood.
In this reserve there is a refreshing swimming, or “poza”, as ticos say in Spanish, with many fish, and if you bring a mask and snorkel it, take a look around. This “oasis” is located 300 meters upstream from the visitors.
If you’re lucky, you will know to guard the person who used to protect this beautiful place (voluntary) Don Daniel, a devoted old single man. He is very funny and a real kind person, worry about the protection and preservation. If you stay enough time, he will tell a lot of very interesting stories about the zone and his own life.
In the reserve you will see a lot of beautiful birds like the Trogon and the Trogon Elegant, mammals such as deer, white monkey, tug monkeys (Congo), deer, coati mundi (or coatis), guatuzas (a type of large rodent), owls and reptiles.