You just arrive at Manuel Antonio, or you are planning your stay there and you definitely want to do the National Park. Manuel Antonio Park is one of the most beautiful Park in Costa Rica and it offers you the opportunity to see many animals in an easily accessible area (there is a path specially made for persons with reduce mobility). It is the smallest in Costa Rica but has a wide variety of tropical plants & wildlife.

Making your researches about the Park, you found out there are two ways to discover the Park: doing it on your own or take a guided tour. Here is why you should choose option two.

1 – You will see more animals

The guides are certified experts, they know the animal habits and every corner of the Park. You may be able to spot some of them by yourself, but you will miss many of them, hidden in the heights or too small to be seen by yourself only.

2 – Get to know everything about them

Your guide is a knowledge fountain, he will know from the location, to their food habits and even the slightest detail of every species. These animals are really special and interesting, and some of them have unique specificities, do not let the opportunity to discover more about them get in the way!

If you book a guided tour with an experienced & bilingual naturalist, be sure he/she is certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Board.

3 – See the wildlife more closely

Every guide will have with him/her a high-powered spotting scope and they will adjust it for you so you can see the animals from afar. A two-toe sloth with her baby high in the trees? No problem, with the scope you will be able to see them as if they were next to you! Even the smallest bats, camouflaged on a branch, you will see them easily.

4 – Be able to take great pictures

By using the telescope, you will be able to take beautiful pictures of your tour and of the animals you have seen. The lent is adapted for smartphones camera, spot the wildlife, and capture the moment without having to zoom x200 and get a pixelated picture.

5 – Benefit from all their advices & tips of the area

Our guides are locals and they know the area very well. If you are looking for a great beach, or a delicious restaurant they will recommend you the best places to go. Also, they are really friendly and make you feel comfortable during the tour and do everything they can to make your experience amazing!

Convinced? Book your Manuel Antonio National Park guided tour HERE & enjoy your stay!

Pura vida!