Coffee in Costa Rica

Coffee in Costa Rica

Most coffee produced in Costa Rica is called coffee arabica and it is produced in areas between 800 and 1600 meters of altitude. Coffee plants don’t like the heat and tend to grow better in areas of high altitude with cooler temperatures. Coffee plantations can be found all through the central valley in places such as San Jose, Cartago, Grecia, and other areas in the central valley. The climate of Costa Rica is so ideal for growing coffee that even big companies, such as Starbucks, have plantations here.

Coffee is a big part of the culture here. Most Costa Ricans take their coffee very seriously and will only drink the best. It is usually drunk in the morning and during the afternoon “coffee break” time. The traditional way to make coffee is with a “chorreador” or a pour through method of hand brewing your coffee. It consists of a filter that sits over your cup with the coffee grounds inside the filter. You pour hot water through the filter multiple times and then enjoy your coffee.

Don’t forget to try some delicious coffee the next time you’re here, and it makes a great souvenir!

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