Flora and Fauna: Coconuts

Flora and Fauna: Coconuts

If you’ve been to the beach, you’ve probably seen lots and lots of coconut trees lining the sandy beach. Many people are surprised when they realize that they are green or sometimes yellow on the tree and not brown! When coconuts are growing they have sweet water inside and once they are nice and big, they are perfect to cut off the tree and drink for a sweet refreshment on the beach. You can also cut them open and eat the coconut ‘meat’ from the sides which at this point is soft and moist. Once they fall of the tree they are mature and a sponge type seed starts to grow in the middle, this will get bigger and bigger and absorb the milk that the coconut starts to create, until it fills the entire inside of the coconut. This is the seed for the tree to reproduce, the sponge is also very sweet and soft and many people cook various recipes with it! The brown coconuts are what is inside of the bigger green shell and you can take it out, but most people drink straight from the outside of the green shell! In Manuel Antonio, many people walk the beach and sell iced ‘pipas’ which are the less mature coconuts with sweet water. Don’t forget to try one! 

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