Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are all your tours in the National Park?

No, the only tour done inside the National Park is our MA Guided Park Tour. The rest of our tours are done in the surrounding areas (rivers, mountains, forests, etc).

2) What are the opening hours & days?

The park is open from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday to Sunday YEAR ROUND.
CLOSED on MONDAYS The park is also open on holidays like Christmas and Easter unless they fall on a Monday.

Please note that all national parks will remain closed between March 20th and April 12, 2020. All other tours (except for the guided park tours) are still available, as they take place in the surrounding areas.​

3) How to get to the Park 

From Quepos-Manuel Antonio

Taxi service cost between $ 5- $ 10 each way,

Public bus, every 20 minutes there is a bus leaving Quepos – Manuel Antonio and vice versa, the cost is $ 0.60 per way, tell the driver to leave you at the corner of Restaurante Marlín, from there and follow the signs. It’s about 10 minutes walking to get to the entrance of the Park and the ticket office (Coopealianza)

Booking a guide online includes round trip transportation from Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

From Dominical or Uvita

With your own vehicle, booking a guide online includes parking, no additional cost.

Private Transportation (Buseta 4-8 passengers) with a cost of $ 180 round trip.

From Jaco

With your own vehicle, booking a guide online includes parking, no additional cost.

Public Bus services from Jaco to Quepos leave at 7 am and 9 am.

Private Transportation (Buseta 2-6 passengers) with a cost of $ 210.

From San Jose

With your own vehicle, booking a guide online includes parking, no additional cost.

Public bus, Tracopa located in Plaza Víquez, the direct service is 6 am and 9 am, the cost is $ 8.5, ask the driver to leave them at the corner of Marlín Restaurant, from there and following the signs are 10 minutes walking to get to the entrance of the Park. Buy round trip tickets in the office.

Private Transportation (Buseta 2-6 passengers) with a cost of $ 280

You can rent a car here.

4) Is there parking available?

There is private parking available near the entrance. Prices vary from
₡3.000 – ₡5.000 for the day, or if you can find on-street parking, it’s
free. For all cases: Do not leave valuables in the car!

5) How much to get in?

The tickets cost USD$16 for Foreigners and ₡1.600 for Costa Ricans and residents. Children under 12 are free of admission.

6) Where I can buy a ticket?

You can buy your ticket at the COOPEALIANZA ticket office, 50mts before the park entrance.  If you stay in Quepos, you can also buy tickets at the COOPEALIANZA office in Quepos, near the PALI grocery store.

Opening hours are 8 am to 5 pm Mon – Fri and 8 am to 12 pm Sat.  In Manuel Antonio, the opening hours are 7 am – 3 pm every day.

If you book a guided tour, the guide will have the tickets.

7) Can I reserve tickets online?

No, you cannot reserve tickets online, but you can purchase tickets the day before your visit, e.g. in the pm. This way you’ll only have to wait one line at the gate & ranger station on the day of the visit.

8) Do you offer daily/weekly passes?

No. the entrance fee is valid for 1 entry only. If you visit the park and wish to exit after visiting, once you exit the entrance fee is no longer valid and to re-enter you must purchase once again. Most people only visit the park once and use the public beach for other beach days, which is very lush with lots of wildlife, as well.

9) Do I have to make pre-reservation on the website, or can I just
show up and hire a guide near the entrance upon arrival?

We don’t recommend using any of the so-called “guides” near the entrance. Most of them are scammers, who dress as rangers or guides and will sell you overpriced parking and tours. If you want to do a self-guided tour, find parking the closest possible to the park entrance (next to San Bada Hotel), and buy your tickets at Coopealianza for $16/person. For guided tours, make reservations in advance online to guarantee you will get a “real” guide who is certified.

10) How can I book a private tour?

Private guided tours through the park are available year-round at 7.30 am and 12.30 pm. Private tours may not be available during peak season weeks (Christmas, New Year, Easter), so please inquire first, indicating your date & # of people in your group, if you visit during one of these weeks. Otherwise, you can go ahead and book the regular group tour and indicate under NOTES that you would like a private tour.

We will then email you an updated statement with your confirmation.

11) Can we stay in the park after the tour?

Yes, you can, however, the park closes at 4 pm, so morning tours are better if you want to spend extra free time in the park. The afternoon tour ends around 3.30 pm, so there is less free time, however, you can spend the rest of the afternoon at the public beach just outside the park. If you stay in the park, you can just take the bus or a taxi back to your hotel.

12) Can we book an afternoon tour, but enter the park earlier and
meet the guide in the park?

Unfortunately, this can not be accommodated, as you would not be able to find your guide. The park entrance is very crowed. We can pick you up at your hotel reception (transportation is included), or meet you at El Avion Restaurant if you arrive on your own in a car.

13) Is it allowed to take food & beverages into the park?

We try to minimize the trash and impact on the environment and the wildlife in the park, and kindly ask all visitors to contribute.

ALLOWED:  Sandwiches wrapped in paper bags or Tupperware (no tin foil), prepared/cut fruit, cookies/crackers that do not come in a tin foil bag (on the inside).  You can bring recyclable plastic bottles that you can refill with potable water at several stations throughout the park.

NOT ALLOWED: Chips bags of any kind, cans of any kind, junk food in plastic or aluminum bags, alcoholic beverages, no nuts or seeds, and no cigarettes.

14) Are there any stores or restaurants inside the Park?

There is a small kiosk near the beach, with very limited options (fruit, ice cream, sandwiches). There are bathrooms, showers, picnic tables, and water refill stations.

15) Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed inside the park. Service dogs can get a permit at the guard station at the entrance.

16) What tours are there available in the Park?

The only tour that takes place inside the park is the guided park tour. All the other tours take place in the surrounding areas and most include transportation from Quepos & Manuel Antonio hotels and villas. You can check out all available tours for the Manuel Antonio region under https://manuelantoniopark.com/book-your-tour/

17) Can we camp inside the Park?

Camping is not available inside and not recommended outside the park, however, there are many hostels near the beach that may offer camping on their properties.

18) Is the park accessible to visitors with walking difficulties?

Some of the trails are accessible by wheelchair or you may request a special permit at the entrance to enter the park in a taxi.

19) Can I request an internship through you?

You can submit a request through the SINAC website, we do not handle internships.

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