Manuel Antonio Estates And Its Private Reserve


Manuel Antonio Estates And Its Private Reserve

Our biological reserve which is shared with Hotel Plinio & Hotel California offers 60 ha of tropical forest exclusively for our vacation rentals guests.

Along the 3 km of trails, starting directly at the Manuel Antonio Estates property, you will see characteristically abundant tropical-forest growth, you will watch a large variety of exotical animals ( white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, poison dart frogs, sloths, toucanets, hawks, parrots, owls and eagles. ) and you will hear a rich sound of birds in the air.

A walk through a tropical forest reveals a lush green garden of mosses, ferns, flowers, and epiphytes growing thickly on every tree. Our trails will lead you to waterfalls with its natural pools and through pure nature. The trails provide access to casual walkers as well as serious hikers.

Local and foreign experts in nature resources recreation have carefully named plants and trees to give you full information about the large variety of the Costa Rican nature and to offer you an unique experience during your stay at Manuel Antonio Estates Vacation Rentals.