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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3 hours
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

You are booking for 3-in-1: Chocolate, Trapiche, and Coffee Tour


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It is in a private and educational plantation area that the tour will take place. Enjoy the calm of the jungle, and let you guided on this magical place, between cocoa trees and other typical species.

First step, we kick things off by learning about cacao and it’s history all over the world, and of course, here in Costa Rica. We then will show you how it is harvested, fermented, and ground into the delicious thing we all know and love, CHOCOLATE! You will taste it in more ways than you can dream of : from the fresh beans, to the melted dark chocolate. You will discover how the people from ancestral civilizations used to prepare the “drink of the god”, a chocolate-based drink.

After our fix of chocolate, we will move on to learn about coffee. Coffee is very important in Costa Rican culture and for its economy. Put yourself in the shoes of a true coffee picker, try on the tools used for the occasion and learn more about the drink that makes you waking up in the morning ! After that, you will get a demonstration on the traditional way Costaricans prepare coffee and you will, of course, have the opportunity to taste it.

To finish up the tour we will learn about trapiche, it is a sugar cane mill that is run by oxen, named Fast and Furious. This is where they grind sugar cane in order to get the juice and create many local candies that you will have the chance to try!

The presence of wild animals like sloths, monkeys, birds and frogs is common. Be ready for anything!


  • Transportation from Quepos or Manuel Antonio
  • Passionate Tour Guide
  • Water & Coffee
  • Chocolate & candy tasting

What to bring:

  • Closed shoes
  • Camera
  • Raincoat
  • Light clothing
  • Minimum 2 pax
  • Pick up time: Daily 9am & 1:00pm


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Tour's Program

Learn about the cacao tree, and the place of its production in modern and ancient societies. Walk in the small plantation and see the cacao from the trees. Discover the whole process from the beans to what we call chocolate. You will have the chance to taste the product at all the stages of the production.
Learn about the coffee production in Costa Rica, how important it is for the local people. Discover how to harvest coffee, dressed as a coffee picker. Taste high quality Costa Rican coffee made in a traditional way.
Meet Fast & Furious, the two oxen, and watch them work extracting sugar cane juice. Discover the whole process of sugar making and of course, taste the final product !


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