In Costa Rica for a few days or more, you are looking for things to do during your stay. The thing is, there are so many options that you cannot decide which activity you should do. Here’s a test to help you find the perfect tour!
1- What would describe you most?
  • I love the local experience, discover the culture & the typical food. In my travel, I want to meet & share with other people & discover more about the country.

  • In that case, you should look at activities like chocolate tours, spice tours or coffee tour. Available for family, you can discover more about the Costa Rican culture while enjoying a great moment.

  • I am an adrenaline fan, I am always looking for exhilarating experiences. I am hardly afraid and I love to surpass myself.

  • There are many ways to get your adrenaline dose here in Costa Rica. Go to question 2 to get a more precise result.

  • I am an animal lover, I have a long checklist of species I want to see here. I love to chase them in their natural habitat & learn more about their habits.

  • Costa Rica has unique & amazing wildlife that you can discover during your stay here. There are many ways to discover the wildlife, if you are more attracted to marine life, go to question 3. If you are looking for if you prefer staying on the land, go to question 4.

  • I want to discover new things, live new experiences. I want to enjoy myself by doing something I couldn’t do normally where I live.

  • As we said, so many activities are available for the people coming here. Find the one that suits you best by going to question 5.
2- What do you like most?

Ocean & beaches

Rent a jet ski for few hours or a paddle or surfboard, these are the best activities for ocean & adventure lovers. Of course, you can also take a scuba diving tour (if you have a license) and discover the world under the waves.


Did you try skydiving already? Free Falling with a stunning view of the sea and the jungle is really an amazing experience. You can also try parasailing, up to 3 people, you will be flying over the Manuel Antonio Park and the beautiful blue ocean!

Jungle & forest

We just talked about flying, what about flying over the treetops and between the highest trees of a primary rainforest? Try Zip Lining, and discover the jungle from above.

Mountains, rivers & waterfall
The best way to get adrenaline shots: canyoning, rafting, waterfall rappelling… The list is long but we are sure you will love them all!

3- What is your favorite way to see marine wildlife?

By boat or kayak

By taking a whale watching tour or a Damas Mangrove experience you will certainly see a lot of animals and also live great moments!


Many tours offer snorkeling as it is the easiest way to see the underwater wildlife. You may meet colorful fishes, corals & maybe even a turtle if you are lucky!

Scuba diving

If you have a license, scuba diving is an awesome way to see the marine wildlife up close. You may even see incredible things you couldn’t discover otherwise: sharks, huge shoals of fishes and breathtaking seabeds.

4- How do you want to see wildlife?

In their natural habitats, in a National Park or in a protected area.
In that case, you might probably want to take a guided tour to increase your chances to see wildlife even more. You can visit many places like Manuel Antonio, Corcovado & even the jungle at night!

In a specific area where you can see them up close and discover the work of a local association helping wildlife.
Animal sanctuaries would be a perfect solution for you to get close to awesome animals like sloths or monkeys. Associations rescue injured & endangered animals, they keep them in the sanctuary until they can eventually be released to the wild. You can visit those sanctuaries & discover the backstages of this rescue while seeing the animals from very close.

5- What do you like the most?

Learning to do new things

You can try to learn surf, the Pacific Coast is perfect for surfing & the area of Manuel Antonio is great for beginners! You can also enjoy the ocean while paddle boarding and try to keep your balance. Never drive an ATV before? It’s really easy, don’t worry about it and let’s drive to a beautiful waterfall, crossing local villages and beautiful landscapes.

Discovering Costa Rica while enjoying a fun activity

Horse Riding is a nice way to discover new places & live an unforgettable experience. Zip Lining, as it is available for almost all ages, is one of the best activity to see the forest from a unique point of view. Fly through the treetops, you may even spot some monkeys from there!

Enjoy your time here with your friends, family or companion

The catamaran tour is a perfect mix of relaxation & adventure. You will get drinks on the boat, a delicious meal, a place to relax & to perfect your tan. But you will also get to snorkel and enjoy the slides. You can also book the afternoon tour & admire the beautiful sunset from the catamaran, sounds great right? If you want to pamper yourself, you can also take a treatment at the spa, a nice way to recharge the batteries.

We hope you found the perfect tour for you after this post. If you need more information, please feel free to send us a message at and we will be glad to give you more information.