If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you may have noticed it rains, sometimes a lot. Don’t let that stop you from the vacation of your life! Here are some suggestions for what to do when it rains.

1. ATV or White Water Rafting

Go on an adventurous tour! Going on an ATV tour is very fun and you usually end up wet and muddy by the end anyway, so don’t let a little rain stop you. Another option is white water rafting, go flying down a river going around rapids with your closest friends and have the time of your life! Book the ATV Tour here.

2. Go to the Spa

What’s a better way to relax than to get an amazing massage, facial, or even a yoga class at the Raindrop Spa right here inside Manuel Antonio Estates! The massage rooms open up to a beautiful view of the rainforest so you can relax even more listening to the melodic sounds of the animals and the rain. You can check out all the spa has to offer here.

3. Read a Book

Another great thing to do during the rain is to catch up on some reading. It’s a great way to relax and unwind while looking out into the beautiful rainforest.

4. Find a New Cafe and Sip some Java

There are so many charming coffee shops around Costa Rica, find one and enjoy a yummy, warm coffee while waiting out the rain. Emilio’s Cafe in Manuel Antonio is a great place. It’s located in the plaza right next to the Playa Biesanz road.

5. Embrace the Rain

Grab your umbrella and rain-boots and don’t let the rain stop your exploring! There are lots of critters that come out in the rain and you can have a fun time spotting different types of frogs and more!

6. Take a Nap

Being on vacation can be hard work! Usually, it rains in the afternoon here so that might mean you are getting up early and adventuring all morning! We like to use the afternoon rains to take a well-deserved snooze.

The rainy season usually goes from about May-November with the heaviest months being September and October, but there is still plenty to do during that time! Don’t let the rainy season hinder your vacation!