Fauna & Flora – Chapter 2: The Beach almond tree

You saw it many times, relaxing on the Manuel Antonio’s beach, or walking at Parador Nahomi, the beach almond tree is very recognizable & beautiful. From its scientific name “Terminalia catappa”, the beach almond tree is a common,  & always … Read More

San Jose

10 Things to do in San Jose

If you’re coming to Costa Rica, chances are you have some time to spend in San Jose. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to do in San Jose for everyone!   1. National Museum The National … Read More

Which adventure is for you?

Test: Which adventure is made for you?

In Costa Rica for a few days or more, you are looking for things to do during your stay. The thing is, there are so many options that you cannot decide which activity you should do. Here’s a test to … Read More


Things To Do When it Rains

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you may have noticed it rains, sometimes a lot. Don’t let that stop you from the vacation of your life! Here are some suggestions for what to do when it rains. 1. ATV … Read More

Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park

Description Tortuguero National Park is located on the Northern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Its beaches are famous for the turtles nesting season (in August), including endangered green and leatherback turtles. The area is unique, you can only navigate by … Read More


Fauna & Flora – Chapter 1 The Leafcutter Ant

You will see them a lot here in Costa Rica and in the Manuel Antonio Park. The leafcutter ants are more amazing than you can even imagine! Organization They are following a very specific social organization, ruled by the Queen … Read More


Top Best Meals in Costa Rica

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you may already be aware of some of the traditional dishes here. This article outlines some of the best Pura Vida dishes that you NEED to try on your next vacay in CR. … Read More

Pura Vida Blog

Why “Pura Vida”?

If you already have visited Costa Rica or maybe if you are currently in the country, you’ve already heard this expression more than once. If you are planning to visit, be sure you will hear it a lot! But what … Read More

Uber Blog

Get your Uber for the beach!

Uber has arrived on the Pacific Coast, destinations as Liberia, Nicoya, Manuel Antonio & Jaco are now Uber friendly! You can go to the beach easily and at a cheap price. Now, because it is a very new destination, the … Read More

1940s COSTA RICA Videos

See Costa Rica back in the 1940s in these two archive videos. Discover San Jose back then, all the main crops of the country: coffee, bananas, cacao… See how it was grown and collected. Enjoy the time travel! Costa Rica … Read More