Did you know that a large percentage of all animals are active mostly or exclusively at night? When the sun is hidden, it is the best moment to spot some species you couldn’t see easily during the day! You will be given a flashlight and your guide will have a special UV flashlight to show you the glowing scorpions. 

You will see that the jungle acquires a totally different character, it goes from a green forest, to a black jungle, filled with the sounds of millions of insects and dozens of frogs and toads. It is in this atmosphere you will search through the paths, walking in a private part of the jungle, looking for exciting species of animals.

Coffee’N Jungle Night Tour is a perfect blend of coffee tradition and wildlife adventure in Monteverde.

On this night tour visitors will learn a lot about the whole coffee process in a very interesting way because it is a dynamic experience that is plenty of fun, not to mention the tasting of one of the best coffees in the world.

But Coffee’N Jungle is not just about coffee, it is also about nature. That is why part of the tour is dedicated to exploring the forest as it is an experience very different than that of a daytime

The night tour starts from Willie’s Tours Office. Here we give a quick introduction to the tour and look at what insects are attracted to a white sheet with light casted on it. From there we start to search for animals, along the coastline of the village. We may spot owls, bats, Night herons and a variety of other just awoken animals. Diversity is big, there’s always new things to be found.

A little further on our route we pass the entrance of the park, which is closed by night. So we’ll follow a trail that leads along its borderline. Here we’ll look to spot a caiman’s eye reflex with our flashlights, there’s also snakes, frogs and loads more nightlife to be found.

Explore San José at night, with local markets, cultural icons, and a tasty dinner with wine pairing.
Get up close and personal with San José’s nightlife, starting with the Mercado Central, which, in our opinion, is the only way to learn about the city’s food. Stroll the market with your local guide and learn about the secrets and uses of common roots, herbs, and fruits in local cuisine, including ingredients that will play a role in your Costa Rican dinner later. Locals say you can get everything you need at the Central Market, they will even love potions to attract a boyfriend or girlfriend…

After the market, we will go down Avenida Central, learn about the history of the city and anecdotes, and visit one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings in San José, the National Theater.

Come explore the fascinating nocturnal wildlife of the tropical rainforest with Tracie and Gian on this one of a kind adventure trek in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. Your safety is of upmost importance. We will be hiking through the rainforest. There are uneven surfaces, slopes, and in some areas both natural steps and cement stepping stones.
The Kinkajou night walk, is a walk for those who want to observe the forest and its creatures at night. It is the perfect place to observe different species of animals such as: sloths, armadillos, porcupines, possums, coatis, bassaricyon (olingos) y kinkajous (martillas). It also has a vast variety of insects, birds, and various amphibians and reptiles. Join us and enjoy this unique experience with professional guides that will make this tour an unforgettable experience.

Going into a jungle at night will give you a chance to see the animals in a new environment. Many jungle creatures are only active at night and this is the only way to experience them. You will see mammals that never make appearances during day treks. Your guide will point out tarantulas and sleeping birds. The symphony of insects and frogs will be your soundtrack. The tour lasts two hours for 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

The Curi Cancha Park is a small environmentally conscious park. They limit their guest numbers to under 50 people a day to ensure that the wildlife remains protected and beautiful for their guests. The park is home to trails you may explore on your own during the day. While wandering through the trees be sure to look out for the 200 species of bird who call this forest home. You may also come across armadillo, coati, agouti, kinkajou, ocelot, two-toed sloth and three different species of monkey.

Our Monteverde Reserve is preceded by 45 years of experience and a proven conservation model in the field for decades.

The visionary eyes that raised the need to generate a conservation initiative for a portion of the cloud forest in Monteverde were Dr Leslie Holdridge and Dr Joseph Tosi, who visited the area in 1968, however the hands that made this proposal a reality were the from resident ornithologist George Powell.

The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL) is an independent, non-profit association that is dedicated to the conservation, preservation and rehabilitation of tropical ecosystems and their biodiversity. The MCL manages the Children’s Eternal Rainforest and the Bajo del Tigre trail system, which are situated in Monteverde near the Cheese Factory.

The league was created in 1986 by a group of local and international scientists whose aim was to protect the area of forest surrounding the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. In 1987, the MCL embarked on an innovative land acquisition program, in which money that was raised by Swedish schoolchildren went to buy and protect threatened land. Since then, the league has worked with other organizations in more than 40 countries to help form what is now Costa Rica’s largest private reserve, The Children’s Eternal Rainforest (El Bosque Eterno de los Niños).

Ficus Trails protects an important portion of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Corridor known as “Puente de la Vida”, a lush piece of key forest located in the heart of the Monteverde region in the province of Puntarenas that begins in the Cloud Forest and meanders to the San Luis Area about 1000 meters above sea level. Part of the moisture is deposited on the Pacific slope near the continental divide in the form of fog.
This significant fact together with the topography of the place influences Ficus Trails in such a way that a remarkable diversity of flora and fauna can be found in this natural area that offers the adventurous visitors an overwhelming experience in the desert.