Butterfly Atrium, Amphibian Gardens & Crocodile Lagoon Day Tour at Quepos, Puntarenas.

Step into the Tropical Wet Forest on user-friendly trails and meet the creatures protected in the Greentique Wildlife Refuge. Led by your Greentique Certified Guide, you’ll see a variety of the area’s flora and fauna, including the spectacular Blue Morpho and several other tropical butterfly species, with displays of each stage of metamorphosis. The Crocodile Lagoon features crocodiles, caimans, and turtles, all observable from elevated walkways just adjacent to the Butterfly Atrium.

Our team is in charge of developing an exhibition butterfly farm that commercializes top quality butterfly pupae for our clients and that helps with the economic, tourist and social development of the country and the community, promoting a culture of peace and respect for diversity and the environment.

Here, in the kingdom of butterflies, we want to share with you an enriching experience through the multicolored flight of our butterflies where it will be possible to know the life cycles of the various species produced in Costa Rica, from mating, eggs, larvae, the pupa and finally the butterfly.

Our laboratory located in the same butterfly farm is a breeding center for more than 25 species of butterflies in Costa Rica. This will offer you an interesting perspective of all stages of development of the most colorful species in Costa Rica. With more than 4,000 of these creatures flying at the same time in the butterfly garden, it is very likely that some of them will land on your shoulder or hand.

In the laboratory you will be able to see very closely how butterflies emerge from their cocoons as well as the other stages of their growth. As it is a space enclosed with acrylic, the weather outside does not affect it in there since, as many people know, butterflies are “tuned in” to the weather, if it is cloudy or rainy, they will seek refuge if they feel the slightest indication of rain.

The most valuable part of every admission to the Monteverde Butterfly Gardens is a tour with one of our dedicated and passionate guides. Available in English or Spanish our tours will take you through each section of the insectarium and gardens. With our guide at your side, you will see and learn far more than you ever would by yourself. Our guides love bugs, and they are excited to share their passion with you!

In the middle of the Rodrigo Facio campus, in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, within the Leonelo Oviedo Reserve, there is a space for butterflies. Entering there is transporting yourself to a forest far from the noise of the city. It is the butterfly farm of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), dedicated to the breeding, reproduction and study of different butterfly species.

The butterfly house houses the Butterfly Breeding Research Laboratory, whose focus is the commercial production of butterflies for exhibitions. This makes it the only one in the country and in Latin America in this area, since there are others that analyze the production of moths that are pests in crops.

Thus we launched into the fascinating world of lepidoptera, determined from the start to reproduce the famed blue morpho of Costa Rica. More than 2 years later after pointers form local biologists, lots of hard work, and approval from MINAE (Costa Rican Ministry of the Environment and Energy) we are delighted to open to the world our jungle-butterfly garden by the sea. On an average day, enjoy up to ten different butterfly species.

Our gardens are lush, tropical and peaceful. Go crazy with the macro lens, oil paint or water color, relax, ponder nature, enjoy!

It was born out of an idea to grow, in a family project and thus continue with an innovative and high-quality project, with the purpose of seeing the beauty of the San Carlos area and appreciating the environment more, through the exhibition of insects as wonderful as butterflies are.