Cahuita National Park is both a marine & terrestrial Park, located on the Caribbean Coast, in the Limon Province. It is best known for the Coral Reefs close to shore you can discover while snorkeling or scuba diving during the dry season (February through April) with a guide when the water is clearer. 

You are likely to see the light yellow brain, Elkhorn, and blue staghorn corals, sea fans, and gorgonians and more than 500 species of fish that live on the reef. But you may also come across sea turtles, blue parrotfish, Manta ray & 3 different species of sharks.

On the mainland, you can go down on beautiful hiking trails at the Cahuita National Park. If you walk quietly through the trail you may bump into frogs, iguanas, possums, and even sloths and monkeys!

Cahuita National Park is easily accessible as it is extremely close to town, so hotels and restaurants are very close too. Roads are also quite developed and in good shape mostly, so you will be able to take anything from a Compact to a 4×4 vehicle. 

About the culture & history, the Caribbean coast has kept a special vibe due to the Africans coming to Jamaica in the late 1800s to build the coffee railroad from San José, or to work the banana plantations. Indeed, the Afro-Caribbean culture had a big influence on dining and local culture. (you will hear the rhythm of reggae while passing through the streets).

How to get there:

  • 8 hours driving from Manuel Antonio, Via San Jose, then Limon and South to Cahuita.
  • By bus: there is one from Quepos to San Jose, and then the other one to go to Cahuita.
  • By plane: there are many flights from Quepos Airport to Cahuita (5 times per day, 30min duration) with SANSA Company.

Where to sleep :

  • Cahuita Inn is a great option for your stay, they have a swimming pool, wifi and the rooms are clean, modern and some have views on the ocean.

Where to eat :

  • Restaurante Palenque Luisa: they have great typical food and their steaks are delicious!
  • Pizzeria Cahuita: an Italian restaurant from the same owners as the hotel. They make amazing pizzas!