If you’re coming to Costa Rica, chances are you have some time to spend in San Jose. Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of the best things to do in San Jose for everyone!

1. National Museum

The National Museum of Costa Rica has a butterfly house and a lot of information on the history and wildlife of the country! It’s a nice place to go to learn more about this beautiful country and a nice way to spend an afternoon.

2. Central market

The central market is popular among locals and tourists. It’s a little like a maze inside, with everything from souvenir shops to mini supermarkets, to some of the best traditional food in Costa Rica.

3. Jade Museum

The jade museum is a huge building located just one block away from the National Museum. It has five floors and shows seven different exhibits. It holds the world’s largest collection of, you guessed it, jade.

4. National Theater

The theater is located in the heart of San Jose and is filled with beautiful furnishings and architecture. There are generally free music programs throughout the week. You can go on your own or with a tour guide.

5. Children’s Museum

The children’s museum is fun for all ages! The museum offers about 40 different interactive rooms that teach about all different things like space, archeology, or different cultures.

6. Walk Downtown

Downtown San Jose there is a central avenue called Calle 0, it is always bustling with life. Take some time to walk along this street and see the local culture and maybe even do a little shopping!

7. Go Ziplining

One of the best things to do in Costa Rica is going ziplining, don’t let being in the city stop you! A little bit outside of the city there is a great zipline tour to go on and get your adrenaline flowing!

8. Do a City Tour

A popular thing to do downtown takes a city tour, there are bus tours, walking tours, and even beer tours, where you get to walk around and learn more about the heart of Costa Rica.

9. Go Out Dancing

From classics like salsa and bachata to modern EDM style music, there’s something for everyone in San Jose. Grab a few friends and dance your heart out!

10. Go to a Park

There are various parks all over San Jose and they are all beautiful. Take some time to rest after walking around downtown or shopping and enjoy the beautiful nature.