Manuel Antonio Park


Fauna & Flora – Chapter 2: The Beach almond tree

You saw it many times, relaxing on the Manuel Antonio’s beach, or walking at Parador Nahomi, the beach almond tree is very recognizable & beautiful. From its scientific name “Terminalia catappa”, the beach almond tree is a common,  & always … Read More

Which adventure is for you?

Test: Which adventure is made for you?

In Costa Rica for a few days or more, you are looking for things to do during your stay. The thing is, there are so many options that you cannot decide which activity you should do. Here’s a test to … Read More


Things To Do When it Rains

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, you may have noticed it rains, sometimes a lot. Don’t let that stop you from the vacation of your life! Here are some suggestions for what to do when it rains. 1. ATV … Read More


Fauna & Flora – Chapter 1 The Leafcutter Ant

You will see them a lot here in Costa Rica and in the Manuel Antonio Park. The leafcutter ants are more amazing than you can even imagine! Organization They are following a very specific social organization, ruled by the Queen … Read More

Uber Blog

Get your Uber for the beach!

Uber has arrived on the Pacific Coast, destinations as Liberia, Nicoya, Manuel Antonio & Jaco are now Uber friendly! You can go to the beach easily and at a cheap price. Now, because it is a very new destination, the … Read More

Manuel Antonio Park Guided Tour

5 reasons you should do a Manuel Antonio Park guided tour

You just arrive at Manuel Antonio, or you are planning your stay there and you definitely want to do the National Park. Manuel Antonio Park is one of the most beautiful Park in Costa Rica and it offers you the … Read More

Playa Rey

Off-road adventure in a hidden part of Manuel Antonio National Park: direction Playa Rey

From Quepos, take the road 235, and then join the 34 direction Dominical. After you cross Rio Naranjo, you will go through a small village called Llamoron Boca Naranjito and there will be a road on your right. Then you … Read More